Fleet Maintenance

Commercial maintenance has been widely developed at Emms ensuring exceptional engineering quality.

We service our own fleet and maintain it to a very high standard of engineering excellence. This means that reliability of delivery is enjoyed by all of our customers. When a vehicle / trailer is purchased for fleet use it is subject to full dis-assembly and refurbishment before being added to the Emms fleet.

Our preventative maintenance protocol has been devised over the years in partnership with IVECO UK, Emms vehicle engineers and directors. All foundation brakes are completely dis-assembled and checked. New component parts are fitted where ever appropriate. To complete the process the vehicle has to pass a rolling brake test on our rolling road to ensure safe operation. After successful completion the vehicle / trailer is then cleaned and Emms graphics are applied.

Whilst in use our vehicles and trailers are continuously maintained and monitored. The vehicles / trailers are Annually checked before MOT in order to achieve a first time pass rate.

Worried about your commercial vehicle failing its annual MOT test?

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