Before you start your course with Emms, the initial Assessment Drive is required. This allows our instructors to provide an estimate of required hours based on your current level of driving, it is also a good taster session for you to meet & greet with our instructors and familiarise yourself with our vehicles. The First Assessment Lesson can be booked Monday to Friday at a convenient time to work around your commitments and starts from £25.00. (Saturdays are available upon request.)

Emms is extremely pleased with the HGV & LGV Driver Training Centre Records indicating over 90% FIRST time pass rate.

Train with full size vehicles / trailers

Many other LGV driver training centres instruct on smaller vehicles that fit within the weight category. At Emms we use the real thing with full size trailers. We provide HGV driver training in proper HGVs.

This helps the student impress a potential employer as many people can be surprised when they test drive for a driving position finding the commercial vehicle is different to their training vehicle.

This very important issue is dealt with completely at Emms!

Categories of HGV Driver Training

  1. Theory Test simulators
  2. Class C1 HGV Training
  3. Class C HGV Training
  4. Class C + E HGV Training
  5. CPC Training
  6. Ambulance, Horse Box and Motorhome Training

LGV theory test simulator

Ask about our HGV and LGV THEORY TEST SIMULATOR. At Emms we have a quiet room with a PC for the Student to practice the HGV and LGV theory test and hazard awareness and perception. “Learn Fast Pass Fast with Emms

emms hgv driver training

emms hgv driving school

Call free phone 0800 590 350 (or on 01709 863547) today!

Contact the HGV and LGV driver training school offices for our full information package (including discounted medical examinations) and to get answers to any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is my Course going to be?

Courses usually last for a week and start at 8am for either 4 or 5 hours at a time. The Practical Test will be booked in advance for either a Thursday or Friday. The total cost of your C or C+E course will vary depending on how many hours tuition you require. Each course is designed to be Bespoke to each student so that you are never over paying for training that isn’t necessary. Typically a course will be 20-24 hours however depending on the Student courses can be lengthened or shortened to suit.

For a quote please contact our training office at training@emmstransport.co.uk or telephone 01709 863547

2. How much is the test fee?

Theory Tests are £40 and include Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception. The Practical Driving Test is £120. Additional tests that may be needed are the Part 2 & 4 for DCPC however this depends on your current driving licence entitlements for acquired rights.

3. What if I fail?

At Emms we reserve multiple tests every week, therefore if you fail we can book you in again for a re-test. You won’t have to wait weeks for another test date to be available.

4. What about the Vehicle?

At Emms we use full size vehicles. These are IVECOs. They are Automatic and only have two pedals. ‘Go & Stop’. The gear change is a dream and couldn’t be easier for the Student to slip into. Learning in a full size vehicle is very important as smaller dimension vehicles that are within the weight class could be used to make the training easier however the purpose of undertaking your HGV training is to secure a driving job with an employer. Any employer recruiting will ask you to test drive a vehicle to show them your level of competency and vehicle control and handling. Companies running HGV invariably use full size vehicles and therefore it is important you learn to drive a full size truck or trailer.

5. The Driver CPC initial qualification

5.1 The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) initial qualification has 4 parts:

  • part 1 – theory test (this includes 2 separate tests – multiple-choice and hazard perception)
  • part 2 – Driver CPC case studies test (computer-based exercise with 7 studies based on real-life situations – eg driving in icy conditions)
  • part 3 – driving ability test
  • part 4 – Driver CPC practical demonstration test (this takes 30 minutes – you will need to show you can keep your vehicle safe and secure, eg loading your vehicle safely)

You must pass all 4 parts to get your Driver CPC.

5.2 For drivers with a car licence pre 1997 you may have acquired rights for DCPC and this therefore means rather than completing part 2 & part 4 you need to undertake 35 hours class room training.

. Can I cancel my course once I have booked it?

Yes – however if the course is cancelled 14 days or less prior to it starting we reserve the right to charge a nominal cancellation fee.